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About more than a year ago, I wrote about designing a hybrid templating engine using natural language generation library (SimpleNLG). I was really surprised a lot of people found the article helpful and asked for a hands-on tutorial to use SimpleNLG for data to text conversion. I have finally put together a simple tutorial to generate sentences using SimpleNLG.

Some pre-requisites: Python, Pandas, PysimpleNLG

I have divided this article into following parts.

  1. Some introduction of SimpleNLG.
  2. Using some data, a walkthrough to generate text.
  3. Some helpful links.

SimpleNLG is a java based library to generate natural language. As mentioned in…

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As I work as an R&D Engineer, I am getting accustomed to juggling my way between data science and software engineering. I can safely say that I have learnt a lot of best practices through effective code reviews. Whether it is your first code review or the 1000th, each code review helps us to grow a step further. There are tons of fantastic materials available online such as

I have summarized the whole code review process in general. …

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If I have to pick up the best month, January is probably my personal favorite. A new fresh year but a beautiful nostalgic past. Some good moments and some bad. As, I have grown one more year older and one more year in the industry, I wanted to go back and see why was 2019 a very big year in my life?

2019 started with full of confusion. Applying for masters, getting rejections from my dream universities, and amidst all this confusion, the dearest person in my life passed away. This was the first time I felt a few things…

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Have you ever felt the need to design a templating system which delivers content that is more humane and dynamic in nature rather than just computerized, synthetic texts?

With the growing demand for personalized online content, automated text generation is becoming increasingly important. For instance, text generation for interactive fiction games such as The Dreamhold requires the ability to vary the information content of a text in a fine-grained and flexible way based on the situation chosen by the gamer. In this scenario, the generated text has to be very personalized and empathetic in the context of the gamer.


Somya Anand

Machine learning engineer@TextIQ, I am passionate about applied research and AI interpretability. I like to create things. Love for history, travel and art.

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